Secret Solstice festival Reykjavik

A unique music festival in Iceland known as Secret solstice festival is celebrated on the occasion of summer solstice. The uniqueness of the event is expressed by two main points the midnight sun and the Line-up of stars for the event. As in Iceland the Sun light never leaves the horizon in summer, but during summer solstice the day is longest of the year and Sun nearly sets up after midnight at appears at 3:00 AM. Technically the sun light never goes down the horizon of Iceland.

It is a four day event starting from June 21; this means that 96 hours of no ending days are celebrated. Famous artists’ collections and amazing stages are arranged for the festival. The line-up of stars with up and coming talent is announced before. These artists are announced for the line-up for 2021.

  • Cypress Hill
  • Lil Pump
  • Primal Scream
  • TLC
  • Regard
  • Hayden James
  • Hot Dub Time Machine
  • 24/7
  • Danill
  • Elli Grill
  • Frid
  • GKR
  • Ingi Bauer
  • Jói Pé X Króli
  • Krummi
  • Rokky
  • Séra Bjössi
  • Sprite Zero Klan
  • Sturle Dagsland
  • Tómas Welding

For updates about the line up and announcements visit our website and the secret solstice festival line-up official website…