Summer solstice is on June 21, 2019. Summer solstice is also known as Midsummer, June solstice (Northern Hemisphere) and the longest day of the year. Summer solstice takes place twice a year, once in the Northern hemisphere (may take place between June 20 and June 22 according to the year and time zone) and once in the southern hemisphere (may take palce between Dec 20 and 22). According to wikipedia seasons start at solstices and equinoxes. Similarly, summer starts from summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Solstice is derived from Latin word “Sol” meaning Sun and “Sistere” meaning stationary or stand still. On the longest day of the year Sun stays for the longest before setting up. Summer solstice is an astronomical event, celebrated in many countries.

Summer solstice
Solstice and Equinox

The earth’s axial tilt at 23.44 degree making the northern hemisphere most inclined towards Sun. The northern hemisphere is directly hit by Sun light due to being the sun in the farthest position from earth and Sun appears highest in sky. Also sun stays for the longest time of the year from dawn to dusk, making it the longest day of the year.

Norther hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere consists of North America, South America (Some part) Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The prominent countries include China, India, USA, Canada, UK etc

Solstice Time

Summer solstice takes place on the same Date in Northern Hemisphere. But the Solstice Time, Sunrise Time, Sunset Time and Day Duration differ from location to location.

Summer solstice 2019 date & Time: 21stJune, 2019 (Friday), 15:54 UTC

City, CountrySolstice TimeSunrise TimeSunset TimeDay Length (Hour, Minute, Second)
New York, USA11:53:4605:24:5320:30:3815, 05, 44
London, UK 16:53:4604:43:00 21:21:29 16, 38, 29
New Delhi, India 21:53:4605:23:4019:21:5713, 58, 16
Beijing, China 23:53:4604:45:5719:46:2115, 00, 23
Reykjavik, Iceland 15:53:4602:55:1200:03:27 21, 08, 15
Tyrol, Austria 17:53:4605:17:29 21:13:5115, 56, 22
Ottawa, Canada 11:53:46 05:14:18 20:54:45 15, 40, 26
Madrid, Spain 17:53:46 06:44:40 21:48:25 15, 03, 45
Stockholm, Sweden 17:53:46 03:30:48 22:08:10 18, 37, 21
Moscow, Russia 18:53:46 03:44:30 21:18:03 17, 33, 32
Islamabad, Pakistan 20:53:4604:57:39 19:21:2914, 23, 49

Summer Solstice Festival

Nature has provided us lots of opportunities to be happy and celebrate the moments. The longest day of the year is a turning point, as summer starts after spring. People around the globe celebrate this day in different ways.

The celebrations related to Summer solstice 2019 are traditional and cultural importance around the world. Thousands of people gather at significant places to celebrate the day. People celebrate them with old-rituals like bonfires, burning effigies as well as with newer ways like yoga, musical shows, dances, picnics etc.

In this article you will be informed about famous 11 celebrations of Summer solstice 2019.

Secret Solstice Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland

Secret solstice line up
Secret Solstice show, Reykjavik

Summer solstice in Iceland is unique because sun sets at midnight and rises at around 3:00AM. It is full experience of Summer solstice having extended days of 24 hours. This year June solstice is occurring on 21stJune, 2019.

This secret solstice festival started from June 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland for the first time. From then on, it is celebrated every year on the day of Summer solstice and it got worldwide famous.  National and international performers take part in this musical show. The music, dances and performances at midnight sun attract people from the globe. 

This is one of the best summer events in the world. The organizers every year try unique styles to get audience and give them a show they don’t want to forget. Summer solstice 2019 celebration will be organized from June21-24, 96 hours of straight sunlight. The lineup for the acts, performances has been done from all over the world. Famous stars will spread their light, along with light of sun.

To book your tickets and getting information about the line-up, visit: Secret Solstice 2019 Reykjavik 

Catch The Sunrise At Stonehenge 2019, England

sun rise at stonehenge
Witnessing Sunrise, Stonehenge

Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, UK, which is constructed by Neolithic ancestors in three phases between 3000BC and 1600BC. Stonehenge is a famous wonder of the world, the purpose of construction is not revealed to the world yet. There are some theories about its purpose of construction but we are not going to discuss it. The important thing is why Stonehenge is famous for attracting people towards it in Summer solstice?

On Summer solstice people from UK and from the world gather at Stonehenge to see the sunrise. All stand looking towards east, while sun is about to rise. The sun appears exactly above the Heel Stone (one of the stones outside the circle). The crowd is just silent, which is a unique feeling for them.  This year sun is going to rise on 21st June, 04:51AM in Amesbury.

This is a four day event, (starting from 18th to 21st June) with a wonderful live performances and camping in the fields provided with all facilities. Peaceful and magical vicinity provides a spiritual and relaxed environment for all. The activities performed like yoga (praising sun), sorting yourself out (defining your objectives, relationships etc), music (around bonfires) and thanking nature are Litha Customs. The food transport, accommodation and health & safety are all top class provided by Stonehenge campsite and glamping pods.

For more information about camping, traveling and other facilities visit: Stonehenge Campsite & Glamping Pods

Yoga In India

People in India celebrate Summer solstice in group or mass yoga sessions. They believe that the first yogi Adiyogi, met his disciple on Summer solstice. Thousands of yogis gather in different cities of India and practice yoga on Summer solstice. The reason behind doing this is that paying a salute to sun, as summer starts. This is done for strength, for happiness, for love, for forgiveness and for correcting mistakes done in past.

Yoga In Times Square New York, America

yoga at Times Square
Group Yoga, Times square

Western yoga has been carried from India. The longest day in New York is celebrated by doing yoga in Times Square. Thousands of yoga lovers gather at around 7 AM to start practicing yoga and continue until before sunsets. It is a long day yoga and has been named “international day of yoga”.Apart from yoga Summer solstice is also celebrated in Fairbanks, Alaska by playing Midnight sun baseball game. It is started around 10:30 PM till morning.

Solstice Bonfires, Tyrol, Austria

Bonfires Austria
Bonfires, Austria

On 23rd June, 2019, around 9 PM when darkness prevails in Austria, people alight their mountain especially (the mountains of Wild Kaiser region of Tirol) with bonfires and candle. This is an Alpine Tradition dates back to middle age. Austrians celebrate it to pay homage to their ancestors, who worshiped earth through fire. On the festival people from all over the country go to Alp mountainous regions for lighting. Lighting on mountains provides a beautiful for the viewers. Cable car take the party goers to the mountains from evening.

Summer Solstice Aboriginal Arts Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Aboriginal arts festival Ottawa
Aboriginal day celebration

Summer solstice aboriginal arts festival is held on 21st June, in Ottawa, Ontario every year. It is also National Aboriginal Day in Canada. This festival is celebrated to promote the culture, featured performances, music and art of the Metis people, Inuit, and First Nations communities of Canada. This is an outdoor celebration, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country to enjoy the indigenous traditions and enjoy the home made food with family and friends.

Canada being a multi-cultural diversity country, so this celebration is a unique and authentic cultural experience. The festival activities for the visitors include aboriginal language workshops, traditional games, music, dances, artwork contests, storytelling, feasts and much more.  

Solstice Festival of Saint Joan, Menorca, Spain

Horse riding
Horse Riding in streets

This is a combination of Pagan ritual and Christian tradition. Before Christianity in Spain, according to Pagan ritual on the shortest night of the year fire pray was offered, as fire was a symbol of purification for pagans. After the birth of Saint John the Baptist on 24 June, King Clovis in 5th century Christianized the day officially named “saint john day”

This festival takes place June 20-24, every year. Today the revelers celebrate the event with bonfires and fireworks. Also it is celebrated with horse riding in streets which is one-of-a kind in the world.

Summer Solstice Santa Barbara 2019

Giant puppets

This is a three day celebration on the occasion of Summer solstice in Santa Barbara every year from 1974. Santa Barbara solstice parade, giant puppets, appealing costumes, and display of floats on parade route attract more than 100,000 spectators from the all over the globe.  Every year the celebration has a theme and this year’s theme is Heroes.

Midsummer Stockholm

Maypole dance
Maypole dance, Sweden

Midsummer is celebrated very differently in Sweden; this is the biggest holiday after Christmas in the country. The Summer solstice weekend is celebrated by making flower crowns, dancing around a pole called maypole, singing songs while eating schnapps.

Astrofest, Istria, Croatia  

Stargazing at night

Astronomy and stargazing enthusiasts head towards Croatia. They enjoy sky gazing on the night of Summer solstice which is a unique experience of science and spirituality combined. Music, dances and performances increase the enjoyment to its peak.

 Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Dog meat
Dog meat eating in summer, Yulin

People in southern China celebrate Summer solstice by eating dog meat. It attracts thousands of tourists and locals who love to eat dog meat. Thousands are dogs cut on the festival and people enjoy at dine. Some people in China say that eating dog food on the summer solstice brings good health and good luck for the rest of the year. Some believe that dog meat is good for sexual performance for men, takes away diseases and ghosts. Social activists and animal rights agencies criticize the slaughtering of thousands of dogs on the festival. Also the Chinese government has banned the act. But people celebrate solstice by eating dog meat on the longest of the year because it is deeply ingrained in the culture of Southern China as quoted last year. This is not countrywide celebrated but only in southern part.

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